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8 Rules and Tricks for your Homemade Products with Pure Unrefined Shea Butter

Pure, unrefined shea can be considered as a « living » product. Only the experts know that it guarantees real efficiency. But that can be a little troubling for those who discover this nature wonder for the first time, since it takes a couple of rules to enter the fascinating world of real natural shea butter.

– Far from being wild, real shea butter still keeps its distance from unidentified germs. A little wooden spoon is the key to approach it and unleash all the unknown treasures about it.

– Never heat at high temperatures pure unrefined shea butter – it will loose all the vitamins and color.

– Pure shea butter will show its true and best colors in extreme cases (deep cold, burns, allergies…). When making your own homemade recipes with it, give it a little shake with an electric mixer or just a fork, it will reveal its best assets for more efficiency and smoothness.

– Authentic pure shea butter wants to keep it simple and does not like to be showcased in the light. Keep it away from light in a little comfy jar.

– In order to preserve the precious vitamins, associate it with the best, pure and natural ingredients.

– Keep in mind that because of its natural and no-frills side, pure unrefined shea doesn’t cheat : it becomes solid when it’s cold, and will melt when it’s hot. Protect it like a precious little being!

– No need to roll around in it, the tiniest amount is enough for it to still be super efficient. Think “little but strong” or “less is more”.

-To be able to keep finding pure, Premium, guaranteed unrefined shea butter

Because they make sure that the energy from shea comes intact all the way to you, give a little thought to the women producers, especially when you acknowledge how soft your skin and hair becomes, and don’t forget to mention them to your impressed friends.


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