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Why Choose Karethic ?

Karethic Shea butter is a fresh, naturally purified and unrefined Shea butter. It possesses a pleasant smell of freshly roasted nuts at low temperature. Produced in the North of Benin and following a handcrafted process of transformation, Karethic respects the African traditions and spirituality, and makes sure every product carries the viral energy of the Shea tree, as well as the female producers know-how and dignity.

Discovering and appreciating a product from Karethic is understanding and sharing the same values.

Before going to the value chain, the main source of revenue for the female producers was the shea nut trade. Today, these women now have the possibility to increase their revenues, while giving value to their know-how, by transforming shea nuts into premium shea butter naturally purified, but not refined.

Karethic chose to commit to working with these women and be part of their life in a global effort to fight against Poverty and develop Education of women and little girls in rural regions.

Always Have Shea in your Kit

  • Nourishes and styles the most difficult hair.
  • Soothes itches (dry skin, insect bites)
  • Softens rough knees and elbows
  • Repairs the skin after sunburn or naturally preserve your tan
  • Relieves sinus irritation during or after a cold ·
  • Protects the skin against cold, wind and sun
  • Improves hydration and hair growth by massaging the hair scalp

What is the Difference Between Unrefined Shea Butter and Refined Shea Butter ?

Let’s Start with a Bit of History…

Shea Butter Trade and Export started in the 19th century. Colonized populations had to pay their taxes to the settlers in shea nuts. The colons already knew about the value of those nuts. Once the nuts were imported, shea butter was chemically extracted with the Hexane solvent in order to maximize financial returns.

This method is still frequently used today by some shea butter producers. After chemically extracting the butter, these producers start the refinement, the stage during which the raw shea butter is discolored and deodorized. In other words, the butter is neutralized. So, how much of the original assets are there left in a refined butter? Not much.

Thus, refined shea butter is massively used in the Agro-Food Industry, especially the Chocolate Industry.

The Chocolate Industry does not care for the bioactive ingredients of shea butter. They are interested in its melting point, which prevents the butter from melting at room temperature. 90% of refined Shea butter comes from this chemically processed treatment, and 90% of this butter refined butter is used in the Chocolate Industry as well as in the Cosmetic Industry, though the shea butter assets are much more praised there.

Fortunately, thanks to an increasing consumers lobbying whom wish to be provided with healthy  and clean products, some laboratories (very few of them) extract and refine shea butter without any chemical input.

So, how much of the original assets of the raw shea butter are left? Not much, but the butter is clean.

A little analysis of this industry and trade leads us to think that shea butter refinement only benefits the laboratories. Indeed, refinement enables the industrialization of cosmetic products production and resolves storing issues.

What about the consumers? What is left for them once the reconstructive properties that they seek in their application of shea butter – Vitamin A and linolenic acid to mention a few –  is reduced from 50% to 80 % due to chemical extraction and refinement ?

How To Use your Pure Unrefined Shea Butter ?

Pure unrefined Shea Butter melts at the body temperature. Make it melt in  your hands and apply it on the very dry areas of the body. It is ideal for a month of intensive treatment for the skin or the hair. Naturally purified, pure unrefined Shea Butter is one of the best natural ingredients for the making of home-made care products.

To make the most of shea, be attentive to the quality and the freshness of your butter, that should be marked with the mention “non refined or unrefined”.

You don’t have time to make homemade care products and are looking for quality Pure non refined Shea Butter?

Discover the entire Karethic product line for a daily skin and hair care.

To use your Karethic products, you simply need to make the butter melt inside your hands before applying it on the targeted area.

Below are some examples of the many ways you can use your Karethic pure non refined Shea Butter balm.

– For your homemade creams, use an electrical mixer or melt the butter in a bain-marie. In order to preserve the butter assets and obtain an unctuous product without grains, boil the butter up to 40°c.
– For pregnant women and newborns :
– Early in the pregnancy, apply Karethic pure non refined Shea Butter every twice a day (mornings and evenings) in order to avoid stretch marks. Shea butter will ease the itching and preserve your skin resiliency.
– If you are breast-feeding your baby, use the pure non refined Shea Butter or the strengthening hypoallergenic balm to maintain the firmness of your bust.
– For your baby : shea butter is the best protection you may find against the occasional soreness of your baby skin. Use the butter to massage your baby daily.
– For a soft and soothed skin after shaving or waxing : massage your skin with a small quantity of Karethic unrefined Shea Butter
– For dry and cracked feet and heels : After a shower or a Sauna, massage your feet with Karethic’s non refined Shea Butter and let it soak in them all night while wearing socks.
– For African breads and locks: use the butter on your scalp to avoid dryness and breaks of your hair and ease the post-breading itching
– For a hair massage : use the Karethic hair balm for 15 to 20 minutes and cover them with a hot towel before your shampoo. Apply the Karethic hair balm daily on your hair, especially on the ends.
– For tonic and relaxing massages : use shea butter along with vegetable oil in order to relax your muscles and make them supple. You can also try the Karethic pure unrefined Shea Butter massage candles.

What is a non refined shea butter ?

Unrefined shea butter is to Shea what Caviar is to fish eggs.

Its properties are much praised by the cosmetic laboratories, but very few of them have ever seen unrefined shea butter, let alone used it. Indeed 90% of their care and hygiene products contain refined shea butter.

In effect, bad quality raw shea or non refined shea produced from bad quality nuts tends to have a strong and unpleasant smell. It is necessary to refine it in order to be used for cosmetic products. However, as you probably know by now, refinement reduces the butter properties (if there is any left). For centuries, the Shea industry used bad quality butter or bad quality nuts bought for next to nothing, to produce decolorized and deodorized, stabilized but with little in reconstructive assets.

What about quality unrefined Shea butter, endowed with its full reconstructive properties that does not require refinement? The Shea Butter that can solely be produced through the African female producers’ hand-craft, know-how and vital energy?

Set aside for a long time due to the negative image it had (bad smell, bad quality) and the refined shea butter suppliers competitive offer, Karethic chose to make of premium unrefined shea butter the new ingredient of the natural care products, and this for the interest of the female producers AND of the consumers.

On the agenda :

– Training or the female producers concerning the making of a high quality shea butter, in accordance with the research of Doctor Peter Donkor (Researcher at the Ghana University) and based on the traditional knowledge of the female producers whom detain the shea butter hand-craft secrets for generations.

That’s the reason why after 4 years of training and research with the best French laboratories and manufacturers, we are proud to present you the Caviar of Shea Butter : Karethic. A shea butter which extraction is based on this unique ancestral know-how that only African female producers own.

Karethic Shea butter has a pleasantly light and natural nut smell, an unforgettable texture, and can be stored at least up to 24 months.

Refined or Unrefined Shea? By now you have all the key information to chose from.

How to Store and Preserve Unrefined Shea Butter

A good quality, fresh, pure and unrefined shea butter can be preserved for an average duration of 1.5 years to 2 years. Beyond this time period, we consider that the reconstructive properties of the butter are lost.

Just like any other vegetable fat, unrefined Shea butter can be preserved for several months without requiring the use of a cold chain processing.

The advantage of unrefined shea butter is that it contains a reconstructive asset ratio much more important than refined shea butter.

However, since unrefined Shea butter is a natural and “living” material (which explains the effectiveness), the reconstructive assets disappear with time and use of the product. It is just the Law of Nature. Nevertheless, one “simply” needs to discover a few shea butter hand-craft production secrets and to master the dosages of unrefined Shea butter with vegetable oil, in order to preserve all the reconstructive properties.

You would like to profit from pure non refined Shea butter assets, but don’t have time to make homemade cosmetics?  

Karethic has created for you the very first natural care product line made with fresh Shea butter, guaranteed unrefined.

You love to make home made products but cannot find pure good quality non refined Shea butter?

Karethic offers you the first pure fresh Shea butter balm, guaranteed unrefined!

The unrefined Shea butter supply is finally expanding in Europe. Regardless of your supplying source, you will find below simple advices to preserve your pure non refined Shea butter and make the most of its wholesomeness.

  • Make sure you are in possession of pure and fresh non refined Shea butter, produced the same year of usage (you will identify such butter thanks to its light and pleasant “nut” smell, its light yellow color, its melting texture while applying to the skin, and its swift penetration).
  • Place your unrefined Shea butter-based products or your pure non refined Shea butter inside a dry place, safe from the sunlight (temperature?).
  • Whenever possible, use a wooden spatula to take a sample of your non refined Shea butter.
  • Using your non refined Shea butter, make your own care products with vegetable oils and/or essential oils.
  • If you add water to your mixture, use your homemade care products for a maximum duration of 30 days.
  • Prefer the making of homemade products without the use of water, in order to extend their durability and to prevent adding conservatives.

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